Being a Dimension Door 5E in dungeons & dragons you do teleport by your self out of your present location to every other spot inside a variety. You could arrive at precisely the spot desired (exact location). Nevertheless it could possibly be a spot that you would be able to see, one you in a position to visualize, or else one that you would be able to describe by mentioning the space and likewise the route, comparable to 200 ft straight downward or else upward to the northwest at a 45-degree angle, 300 ft.

You may even convey alongside the objects so long as their weight doesn’t exceed what you in a position to carry. Even you possibly can convey one in all your prepared creatures of your measurement or else smaller who’s carrying the gear as much as its capability in carrying. Truly, the creature ought to solely be inside 5 ft of you everytime you solid this dnd 5e Dimension Door spell.

However if you happen to arrive in a specified place which has already occupied by an object or a creature, you and any creature touring with you every would take 4d6 power harm, and even the spell fails to teleport you.

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Attributes Of 5e Dimension Door DnD

Casting Time 1 motion
Courses Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Elements V
Period Instantaneous
Degree 4
Title Dimension Door
Vary 500 ft
Faculty Conjuration
Goal See textual content