Have you ever been eyeing for the deva 5e monster, then right here is your favourite dnd 5e monster. Now we shall be offering all of the details about this. So verify it now.


Angelic Weapons: Mainly, all of the 5e deva’s weapon assaults are nearly magical. Every time the deva monster hits with any of its weapon, then the weapon offers an additional 4d8 radiant harm (Additionally contains within the assault).

Innate Spellcasting: Usually, this dnd 5e deva’s spellcasting skill is the charisma (spell save DC 17). Additionally the deva can innately be casting the next spells, and even requiring solely its verbal elements:

At will: Detect Evil and Good

1/day every: Commune, Increase Lifeless

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Magic Resistance: Though, on this magic resistance trait, this deva dnd 5e has a bonus on this saving throw in opposition to to spells and different magic results too.

Actions Of Deva D&D

Multiattack: Really, the deva in d&d could make two melee assaults

Mace: A melee weapon assault: +8 to hit, attain 5 ft., one goal. Additionally the Hit: 7 (1d6 + 4) bludgeoning harm plus 18 (4d8) radiant harm.

Therapeutic Contact (3/Day): Normally, this d&d 5e deva touches an one other creature. Additionally, the goal can magically regains 20 (4d8 + 2) Hit factors and likewise it’s free of any of the curse, illness, poison, blindness, or deafness.

Change Form: So, the dnd deva in a position to magically polymorphs into the humanoid or else beast which has a problem score nearly equal to or lower than to its personal, and even again into its true kind. It at all times reverts to its true kind when if it dies. Any of the gear it has been sporting or carrying is absorbed and even borne by the brand new kind (which is deva’s alternative).

Really, in a brand new kind, this d&d deva may very well be retain its sport Statistics and likewise skill to talk, however its AC, Motion modes, Energy, Dexterity, and Particular Senses all these are changed by these of a brand new kind and likewise it positive factors any of its statistics and likewise capabilities (However besides Class Options, legendary Actions, and lair actions) the place the brand new kind has however which it lacks.

Attributes Of Deva D&D 5E

AC 17 (Pure Armor)
Alignment Lawful Good
CHA 20
CON 18
Problem Ranking 10
Situation Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened
DEX 18
HP 136 (16d8+64)
INT 17
Languages All, Telepathy 120 Ft.
Passive Notion 19
Resistances Radiant; Bludgeoning, Piercing, And Slashing From Nonmagical Assaults
Roll 0 Mace 1d20 + 8 1d6+4+4d8
STR 18
Saving Throws Wis +9, Cha +9
Senses Darkvision 120 Ft.
Dimension Medium
Expertise Perception +9, Notion +9
Velocity 30 ft., fly 90 ft.
Spell E book Detect Evil And Good, Commune, Increase Lifeless
Sort celestial
WIS 20