An Alchemist, townie or other type of worker with d&d is an example of someone who has a homebrew background. This could be for the ruler or yourself, to earn a living. This is the place where you’ll have the best knowledge about how to make potions or chemicals. If your DM allows, you can use these skills to make potions or poisons and primitive explosives.

  • Skill Proficiencies Survival and Arcana
  • Tool Proficiencies: Alchemist’s Supplies
  • Languages 1 Chosen language
  • Equipment Alchemist’s supplies, 1d4+2 Book on Alchemical Formula and a belt pouch with 2d4 GP. Common clothes also included.

Feature: Experimenter

This feature, based on your past experiments allows you to identify the uses for any type of component you purchase by examining it with your Alchemist’s materials while you rest.

5E: Suggested Characteristics For D&D-Alchemist Background

Alchemists have a speciality in homebrewing. You will be able to improve your concoctions as well as spend your time making them better.

Personality Trait

d8 Personality Trait
1 I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge.
2 I’ve been called a bit crazy.
3 I don’t do well around people.
4 I am not a leader; I follow.
5 I won’t follow you, but I will lead.
6 I will not allow others to think of me as a fool.
7 I’m willing to do any research.
8 I don’t like being looked at.


d6 Ideal
1 Goodwill: If your knowledge is not used to benefit others, why are you even trying? (Good)
2 Money: If I can pay it, I will do it. (Neutral)
3 Power: I entered the trade because of one thing. The feeling of being foolishly destroyed by my concoctions. (Evil).
4 Ethics: Science is not meant to cross these lines. (Lawful).
5 Freedom: Laws restrain and corrupt the free-flowing, pure source of knowledge. (Chaotic).
6 Knowledge: I want to discover the secrets behind chemicals and how they work. It’s a passion of mine. (Any.


d6 Bond
1 My family is in great need, so I send them the money that I make from my business.
2 I don’t forget my customers’ faces and consider them friends.
3 I have a rival who is better than me at alchemy.
4 My notes from my greatest discovery were taken, and I have to recover them before they get lost.
5 I am passionate about teaching and am always looking for new students.
6 My mentor still lives. I will defend him to the death if necessary.


d6 Flaw
1 My creations were used for unimaginable evils. I can’t forgive myself.
2 My work with chemicals may have slightly agitated my mind.
3 Since I started this job, I have been plagued by violent, destructive intrusive thoughts.
4 I have an addiction and need to use it every chance I get.
5 I’ve suffered from severe chemical burns after working with (X) component of a chemical. It is a fear I have, and I refuse work with it.
6 I am not good in groups and will do my best on my own, without asking anyone else.