Hello players! Welcome to the dndtopics.com. Thank you for participating in our background series. Today we’ll be covering one of the classic 5e backgrounds. This is the Inquisitor 5e that we will be covering. If you’re new or haven’t read our background articles yet, we recommend you do so. Visit our official site now. Keep checking our site for the most current articles. Let’s dive into the dnd5e Inspector. Let’s first review the description.


According to this d&d5e inquisitor history, these inquisitors used to be cathar detectives. They investigated both supernatural and mudane crimes. They were well-known for their ability travel to remote parishes to solve unsolved murders, and to uncover werewolves living within the human population. The Avacyn did not exist, so the inquisitors went into Kessig or Gavony Morland to find the archangel. The inquisitors execute suspected Lycanthropes without providing any proof. They have also punished them as heretics in unannounced trials. This inquisition has been a regular practice since its inception by the Avacyns. Those who still seek out dark secrets have been reduced down to a tiny minority.

  • Skill Proficiencies Investigation, Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: Thieves tools, one set of artisans’ tools of your choosing
  • Equipment A holy symbol, a group of Clothes for travelers, and pouch15gp


Legal Authority

You would be able to arrest any criminal, just like an inquisitor in a church. In the absence any other authorities, the sentence can be passed and the decision made by you. If you misuse this power, your church superiors can take it away.

Suggested Characteristics

All 5e inquisitors are driven by zeal and plagued from suspicion. They also have self-doubt. They are all vulnerable to human failures, and they have a tendency of judging others incorrectly.

Personality Trait

d8 Personality Trait
1 If everyone does what I say, it will all work out well.
2 Despair is something we can’t afford.
3 I am familiar with the writings and ideas of Saint Raban.
4 I see the good in even the worst situations.
5 It makes me feel better when people show compassion or appreciation for the horrors that I have experienced.
6 I prefer to face evil together with a strong group.
7 I want to see all the wicked burned for the evil they have done.
8 As I work to cleanse the world, I feel the sin being purified from me.


d6 Ideal
1 Honesty is the key to avoiding grievous sin. (Lawful).
2 Piety: Devotion and devotion to the Angels and the rites at the Church are the only way to save the world. (Good)
3 Order: The laws and regulations of Avacyn were created to keep the social order intact — everything in its place. (Lawful).
4 Humanity: The protection of human life against the night’s horrors is the goal of humanity. (Good)
5 Understanding the world is key to understanding how knowledge can lead to holiness. (Any)
6 Punishment is better for innocent people to suffer than it is for guilty people to escape their punishment. (Evil).


d6 Bond
1 Thraben is the center of the universe. The cathedral must remain standing, even if the hinterlands vanish.
2 One day, I will take revenge on the monster who took my family from us.
3 My only weapon is to keep my mentor close by.
4 The geist of my loved speaks to me sometimes.
5 My beloved sibling is now an werewolf.
6 My spiritual home is a small chapel at the crossroads.


d6 Flaw
1 I am disturbed by the wild rage, bloodlust, and emptiness that lurks within my own heart.
2 I now believe that I was innocent of any wrongdoing.
3 More than my service to the angels, I love the prestige of being in this position.
4 To forget all the horrors that I have seen, I drink.
5 It is possible that I have made a promise, which I don’t want to keep, to a demon.
6 Because my soul is already gone, I will do any difficult task.