Just like all of the dnd5e monsters, Darkmantle has its own traits, actions, as well as attributes. This will make it easy to understand this monster. Let’s now get to the point. This is where we will all share our knowledge.


Echolocation: The Darkmantle 5e is unable to use its Blindsight when Deafened.

False Appearance: The darkmantle 5e, even though it would remain motionless, is easily distinguished from other cave formations like the stalactite and stalagmite.

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Actions Of Darkmantle dnd 5e

The darkmantle 5e can perform two actions, namely Crush and Darkness Aura. We are now going to record them so you can check it out.

CrushIt is equipped with the Melee Weapon Attack: +5 for hit, reach 5 feet., one creature. It can also deal 6 (1d6 + 3) bludgeoning damage and attach the darkmantle to the target. Any how its chosen target is medium or else smaller one and also the darkmantle has an advantage on the attack roll,  It might also been attached by the engulfing the target’s head, and even the target is also blinded and it is unable to breathe because of darkmantle is attached in such way.

While it is attached, the darkmantle cannot attack other creatures except the target. However the darkmantle has an advantage on Attack rolls. Normally, the darkmantle’s speed also can become to 0, Even it can not benefit from any of its bonus to its speed and it moves with the target too.

A creature can also detach the darknessmantle by performing a DC 13 strength check as an action. It is now possible for the darkmantle to move 5 feet away from its target and breathe on its own.

Darkness Aura (1/day).This action extends a 15-foot circle of magic darkness from darkmantle. It also moves with it and can be spread around the corners. This action could make the darkness last for as long as darkmantle can maintain its Concentration (just like concentrating on a spell).

It is impossible for the darkvision to penetrate darkness. Imagine that any area of darkness is overlapping with an area of light created by the spell at 2nd level or lower. The spell which creates the light will be dispelled.

Attributes Of D&D Darkmantle

AC 11
Alignment Unaligned
CON 13
Challenge Rating 1/2
DEX 12
HP 22 (5d6+5)
Passive Perception 10
Roll 0 Crush 1d20 + 51d6+3
STR 16
Senses Blindsight 60 ft.
Size Small
Skills Stealth +3
Speed Fly 10 ft. and 30 ft.
Type monstrosity
WIS 10