You poor soul, oh my! You could be cursed by your cursed history 5e. This could be a result of a series unfortunate events or birth. But this curse could be a permanent fixture in your life. It is impossible to know if the curse will be lifted but it is certain that your life will be much easier.

Sometimes it seems as though the fates favor you. But then disaster strikes, and suddenly everything seems impossible. Sometimes, this curse can make it seem impossible to control your destiny. You could also choose to reject these dark forces and work with them. Your luck will not be on you in the end. You and your DM can decide the consequences of your curse on yourself beyond what is written in this d&d5e cursed background.

  • Skill Proficiencies Perception, and one or more of the following that are associated with your curses origin: Arcana Nature Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: You can choose one
  • Languages You can choose one
  • Equipment A religious book, thyme, common clothes, a small pouch containing 15gp and a gothic trinket.

Origin of Curse

You are now asking yourself the following question about the origin of curse:

d10 Origin
1 Demonic: You have been cursed by a demon.
2 Divine: You have been cursed by a good or evil deity.
3 Primal: You have been cursed by the spirits of nature or a primordial.
4 Fey: A curse has been placed on you by an elven or another fey creature.
5 Arcane: A curse has been placed on you by a wizard, or any other arcane force.
6 Draconic: A dragon thought it appropriate to curse you.
7 Elemental: You are cursed by an elemental or other elements.
8 Immortal is an immortal being, neither divine or demonic, who finds pleasure in cursing you.
9 Aberration: A being beyond your plane has placed a curse on you. Whether it knows or not is the question.
10 Unknown: It is believed that you have a curse because you are so unlucky.

Curse Catcher

You can be attracted to people who are affected by similar curses or magics through this curse catcher feature. You would draw the NPCs that are affected by the curse to you and to you. You should also be alert for similar curses to yours. It is possible to determine if you are under the same curse (demonic, primal etc.). Because you’ve spent a lot time under the curse.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality traits
d8 Personality trait
1 In the face of my horrible curse, I find myself incredibly optimistic.
2 People complaining about their lives makes me angry. They don’t know what true misery looks like!
3 To lessen my curse, I use a variety of rituals.
4 I fear creatures with a cursed origin.
5 I pray often in the hope that my curse will be broken by the gods.
6 When the odds are against you, I will persevere.
7 It’s worth taking risks if it means I get to experience the curse’s power.
8 When confronted by the curse effects, I find myself often feeling sad.
d6 Ideal
1 Fate I was cursed by fate for a reason. Therefore, I will live with this burden. (Lawful).
2 This might break the curse. But you don’t! Maybe I’ll give it another shot! Isn’t that true? Then maybe… (Chaotic)
3 Suffering: If I have to bear this pain, then so will the rest of the world. (Evil).
4 Defiance I will do what this curse can’t stop me doing, which is ignore it. (Any)
5 Retribution I am retributing my ancestors for this curse, but I will do everything I can to clean my bloodline! (Chaotic).
6 Triumph Every victory I win is precious because each one is a blow against the curse! (Good)
d6 Bond
1 The one who cursed me knows something dark about me or my bloodline. This is their payment.
2 This curse drove my family and lover away. I would give anything for them to come back.
3 In an effort to end my curse, I had a master.
4 I was the one supposed to be cursed.
5 They were afraid I would bring down bad luck and kicked me out of cities and towns.
6 Once, I was almost with a lover but they ran away when they discovered. This was my lowest moment.
d6 Flaw
1 Even though it is my fault, I blame the curse for my misfortune.
2 In my heart, I wish I could pass my curse on to someone else to escape it.
3 I am cold and bitter because of the curse that has driven people away.
4 I suffer from terrible nightmares and panic attacks sometimes.
5 I’m slow to trust other people. Although I have not been cursed by anyone, others once cursed my soul.
6 I hate it when people call my “cursed” or unfortunate. They will make verbal abuses of me when they do.