The conjure animals 5e allows you to summon the feys. You may see them in areas that are unoccupied within a specific range. You have the option to choose from one of these options, regardless of what you see.

  1. One Beast of Challenge rating 2 and lower
  2. Rating 1 for Two Beasts of Challenge
  3. Four Beasts of Challenge rating halved or lower
  4. Eight Beasts of Challenge rating 1/2 and lower

Every beast is first and foremost considered fey. They will disappear when they reach 0 Hit points or the spell ends.

The summoned creature is usually friendly to you and your friends. Roll an Initiative to summon the summoned creatures like a specific group that has its turns. They will follow all commands except those you require.

If they don’t receive any commands, they will defend themselves against any hostile creatures. But it won’t take action if it isn’t. The dungeon master can access statistics on creatures.

At higher levels: If you cast Conjure Animals using higher-level Spell Slots you can choose one of these summoning options and more creatures will appear. There are three times as many creatures with the 5th-level slot as there are seven times, and four times as many with a 7th-level slots.

Attributes Of Conjure Animals 5E Spell

Casting Time 1 action
Classes Druid and Ranger
Components V
Concentration Yes
Time As little as 1 hour
Higher Spell Slot Desc Casting this spell with certain higher-level Spell Slots will result in more creatures appearing. There are twice the number of creatures with a 5th-level Slot, three times as many with 7th-level Slots and four times as many using a 9th level Slot.
Niveau 3
Name Conjure Animals
Range 60 feet
School Conjuration
Target You can see unoccupied spaces within your range