This weblog submit is all about  chain satan 5e monster. In the event you’re searching for this dnd monster then you will get all forms of elements about this. So as soon as test them on this article now.


Satan’s Sight: As per this trait the magical darkness doesn’t impede the satan’s darkvision.

Magic Resistance: On this trait the 5e chain satan has a bonus on a saving throw towards to the spells and in addition to the opposite magical results.


Multiattack: On this motion the chain satan in a position to make two assaults by its chain.

Chain: Through the use of this chain motion the d&d 5e chain satan could make melee weapon assault: +8 to hit, attain 10 ft., one goal. Hit: 11 (2d6 + 4) by a slashing injury. Additionally the goal has been grappled (escape DC 14) each time if the satan hasn’t already been grappling a creature. Till until the grapple can be finish and the goal is restrained and in addition takes 7 (2d6) piercing injury firstly of every of its turns.

Animate Chains (Recharges after a Brief or Lengthy Relaxation): Nearly as much as 4 chains this d&d chain satan in a position to see inside a 60 toes of it magically sprout the razor-edged barbs and even animate underneath the management of satan’s, which has been supplied that the chains usually are not being worn or carried.

Each animated chain needs to be an object with an AC 20, 20 hit factors, Resistance to the piercing injury and in addition immunity to psychic and in addition to the thunder injury. Every time the satan may use multiattack on its flip after which it might use every of these animated chain for making an extra chain assault. Truly, an animated chain to be make an extra chain assault.  Usually an animated chain in a position to be grapple one creature of its personal in any other case it can’t make any kind of assaults throughout grappling.

Any how an animated chain might be reverts for its inanimate state if it has been decreased to 0 hit factors or else if the satan is Incapacitated or dies.

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Unnerving Masks: Every time a creature the satan in a position to see begins its primary flip inside 30 toes of a satan, additionally the satan in a position to create the phantasm which it usually appears to be like like one of many creature’s departed their family members or bitter enemies too. Suppose, the creature in a position to see the satan, after which it should be succeeded on the DC 14 knowledge saving throw or else it ought to be frightened till the ending of its flip.

Attributes Of DnD Chain Satan

AC 16 (Pure Armor)
Alignment Lawful Evil
CHA 14
CON 18
Problem Ranking 8
Situation Immunities Poisoned
DEX 15
HP 85 (10d8+40)
INT 11
Immunities Hearth, Poison
Languages Infernal, Telepathy 120 Ft.
Passive Notion 8
Resistances Chilly; Bludgeoning, Piercing, And Slashing From Nonmagical Assaults That Aren’t Silvered
Roll 0 Chain 1d20 + 8 2d6+4
STR 18
Saving Throws Con +7, Wis +4, Cha +5
Senses Darkvision 120 Ft.
Dimension Medium
Pace 30 ft.
Kind fiend (satan)
WIS 12