The Canaith Mandolin dnd5e was the masterwork magician’s mandolin. It is also one best tools of the bards .

DescriptionThe 5E item of the Of Canaith Mandolin

These eight-string Canaith mandolins were created. Bards could only use them in a proper way, as with other d&d tools.

The Powers Of Canaith Mandolin Item

The magic of all the Canaith bards who used it amplified the charm of the Canaith Mandolin.

These mandolins worked just like the other tools used by the Bards for storing spells. The bard plays the Canaith Mandolin. He was able to invoke all the spells fly, invisible, cure wounds, protection from lightning, and protection from evil every day, until the instrument was charged the next morning.

HistoriesCanaith Mandolin – Item

This item’s history began with the legend of the bard. Legendary bard created these first Canaith Mandolins. These legendary bards were actually born in Falataer, the Moonshae Isles. They were used to reward and evaluate the Canaith students in his bardic college. Each one was a legendary bardic college.

Over time, other bards copied their original designs, while keeping that original name in Falataer’s honor.

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Basic Information About Canaith Mandolin

Type: Wondrous item

Rare: Rare

Attunement: Required (Bard Only).