Wondrous merchandise, frequent

As per this magic merchandise this bombchu is the mouse-like machine which has been constructed of skinny, glistening metallic and in addition filled with the explosive powder. Equivalent to one is simply over the 1 foot lengthy, it nearly 1 foot broad, and naturally it’s about 3 or 4 inches tall. So one weighs nearly 10 kilos.

Being an motion, you possibly can simply activate this stunning machine by casually setting it down on to the bottom, however at which level that it will race ahead in a course of your selection, inside a zig-zagging however straight line at a excessive pace. This hums with the loud and distinct sound as it’s journey. In fact it travels 100 ft on this course on a selected flip that you simply activate it, and naturally an extra 100 ft inside this course at a begin of every of your turns if it hasn’t but exploded.

Throughout it’s touring autonomously, the bombchu has an AC of 18. It usually travels over up any of the wall, over ceilings, or else by any form of tough terrain with out it’s to slowing down. However every time if this bombchu enter into the water, then it continues to journey alongside the button of the reservoir unimpeded.

Nonetheless the touring bombchu would explode upon coming into a creature’s house, taking harm, or else at an finish of the third flip after you’ve got been activated it. At any time when it explodes, all of the creatures nearly inside 5 ft of it should be making a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw.

However when you’re proficient along with your bombs, and in addition add your proficiency bonus to this particular DC. On a failed save, then a goal would endure 14 (4d6) thunder harm from the forceful explosion. Al although the harm a bombchu inflicts to the completely different objects and in addition the constructions has been doubled.

Although, you may make the ranged weapon assault with the bombchu by throwing it, prefer it was similar to a Hyrulean bomb.