Hi there magic casters! welcome to dndtopics.com, at the moment we’re going to have a look at blade ward 5e spell.  Is blade ward spell? for this question the reply to that is…which many have known as one of many worst spells in dnd 5e usually and definitely one of many worst cantrips. I feel i will mount hopefully a good protection of this cantrip and hopefully transfer it from that by no means take class right into a extra area of interest class if that make sense. This blade ward is usable by the Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock and wizard as as far as to say it’s discovered on their spell lists. There are different methods to achieve entry to it. A number of lessons pull from these spell lists in addition to a handful of feats like magic provoke and blade ward is discovered within the good previous gamers handbook so everybody ought to have entry to it. Earlier than we dive into its mechanics i’d wish to level out in case you’d wish to verify the total listing in its entirety you are able to do so by clicking on dnd 5e spells by level hyperlink. Let’s now dive into the mechanics of blade ward.


  • Impact: For the period, you may have resistance in opposition to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing harm dealt by weapon assaults.
  • Casting Time: 1 Motion
  • Vary: Self
  • Length: 1 Spherical
  • Elements: Verbal and Somatic
  • Faculty: Abjuration

The impact at a look is as talked about above. The elements are verbal and somatic which means you need to converse forth in incantation and gesture with one hand and the varsity is abjuration which is simply safety magic in case you’d like to take a look at it that method. One thing i do need to level out right here is that by uncooked this solely applies to weapon assaults, what which means is it doesn’t actually apply to traps and the like i at all times homebrew it in order that it does. Simply to offer a bit of bit extra incentive for this cantrip to be taken. Nevertheless seeing as the way it’s a cantrip you’ll be able to solid it limitless variety of instances. There’s no actual purpose why you cannot solid it always. As long as you’re in a magic dense society the place casting spells out of the blue isn’t going to be seen with suspicion i don’t see an issue with doing that. In any case let’s now transfer on to its full description.

Attributes Of Blade Ward Spell DnD 5e

Faculty Abjuration
Lessons Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
Stage cantrip
Title blade ward
Casting Time 1 motion
Vary Self
Elements V, S
Length 1 spherical


On this blade ward spell dnd 5e you may have prolonged your hand and in addition hint a sigil of the warding within the air. However till the top of your subsequent flip, you’ve one of the best resistance which is in opposition to to the bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing harm dealt by the weapon assaults.

In the event you’re not aware of what the time period resistance means it simply means you’re taking half harm which is fairly dang cool in case you ask me. The largest draw back to this spell specifically is that takes up an motion and actions are fairly valuable in 5e. As as far as to say you are able to do rather a lot with them. One of many issues you are able to do along with your motion is take the dodge motion which is imposes drawback on assault roles in opposition to you. Probably making them miss outright, you may as well take the disengage motion and simply get away with out scary an assault of alternative or the sprint motion and simply get away actually fast. So how does blade ward match into that? There are charts on-line that go over its effectiveness. As a common rule of thumb the dodge motion is superior in early ranges however as their likelihood to hit modifier will increase the dodge motion turns into much less and fewer viable. It’s at that time the place blade ward tends to be the higher choice seeing as how in case you’re gonna take harm anyhow you would possibly as properly scale back the heck out of it. is it well worth the motion, you recognize it form of is determined by the circumstances. That being stated let’s get into some different makes use of right here.

Different Makes use of:

The primary different use and arguably greatest use for this spell is to extend focus in any case is blade ward a focus?. In the event you’re not tremendous acquainted everytime you take a harm whereas concentrating on a spell you will need to make a structure saving throw keep that focus. The DC for the verify equals 10 or half the harm you’re taking whichever quantity is larger. In the event you take harm from a number of sources akin to arrow and dragon’s breath, it’s possible you’ll make separate saving throws for every of the damages.

What this implies is utilizing blade ward no less than for early and mid sport the chances of you needing to make a verify larger than a ten or comparatively low that’s in fact assuming you’re enjoying a caster that’s being pretty cautious however even in case you’re not that is nonetheless a great way to ensure you’re not simply losing spell slots when your focus ends.

So, how does the blade ward work cantrip do? One other good way to make use of that is to use it pretty much like how the disengage motion works by casting it on your self earlier than you resolve to flee from a situation. That is extra helpful than the disengage motion in case you’re planning on working via a number of enemies melee vary. Though if it’s simply the one disengage is actually a greater choice.

The third method of utilizing this spell is to simply use it in instances of common disaster and panic. That is extra of an rp resolution quite than a mechanical one essentially. So, let’s say you and your celebration are being ambushed by thieves with entry to invisibility potions or the spell or one thing of the like and also you don’t know when or the place the following assault is gonna occur. All you recognize is that it’s gonna occur. So evidently your character is probably going gonna be freaking out proper now and one thing like blade ward would most likely be their first line of protection to enhance their odds of surviving.

Total that is one thing that’s going to be most essential at early ranges as if you’re a full caster you’ll achieve entry to spells within the mid or late sport then i might shine this in unimaginable methods though as one thing to fall again on. One thing simply enhance your general survivability. I see no purpose why blade ward isn’t a viable choice.

Now let’s get into some potential combos right here

Potential Combos:

The primary attention-grabbing combo you’ll be able to apply with blade ward is to mix blade ward with the heavy armor grasp toes. That is completely nuts at early ranges by the way in which. It does form of drop off in the direction of the mid and late sport. At first of the sport nevertheless in case you simply resolve to use this combo the chances of you really taking any important harm is gonna be slim to none.

In the event you’re unfamiliar with heavy armor grasp it does a handful of issues. The primary being growing your power rating which can is probably not essential to you. However the second is the place actually issues while you’re sporting heavy armor bludgeoning, piercing and slashing harm that you simply take from non-magical weapons is diminished by 3.

That is harm discount it’s completely different than short-term hit factors. That means in case you take an assault for let’s say 6 harm you scale back that by three and you then apply it to your self. In the event you take  99 harm you scale back that by three and you’re taking 96 harm.

What’s actually attention-grabbing is when blade ward will get concerned, it halves the harm earlier than you scale back it. So for an occasion let’s return to that the instance of taking six harm, so that you apply blade ward one thing assaults you and it offers six harm. Because you’ve resistance to it via blade ward it will get halved after which it will get diminished by three. That means you don’t take any harm. It’s actually cool I’ve seen this work to numerous levels of effectiveness, it actually works properly once you’re coping with giant quantities of weak enemies as a result of blade wards are impact lasts a full spherical, you’ll be able to form of cheese it the place that full spherical you’re roughly untouchable by them and since a number of the most typical creature varieties within the sport are more likely to have pretty low hit dices with simply multi-attack or some extra results. That is really a reasonably protected wager to go together with no less than firstly of fight.

Now let’s transfer on to a different combo. This one entails a metamagic and extra particularly the quickened spell metamagic. Everytime you solid a spell which has a solid time of 1 motion, you’ll be able to then spend two sorcery factors to vary the solid time to at least one bonus motion for this casting.

As i discussed earlier one of many largest issues with blade ward is that it consumes an motion. This can be a good technique to form of cheese round that make it so it takes a bonus motion as an alternative and to be sincere if blade ward simply took a bonus motion on the start i might contemplate a must have for any gish character. Nevertheless there’s a dialog to be have whether or not or not it’s even price utilizing this metamagic for it. I’d say it’s circumstantial as with most issues.

There are methods to get metamagic with out taking ranges in sorcerer specifically metamagic adept which is launched with tasha’s cauldron of all the pieces. Nevertheless outdoors of that it form of simply is determined by play model the marketing campaign and the celebration composition you’re in as properly.

There are some subclass options that work rather well with blade ward as properly:

The primary one being the eldritch knight and it’s gonna be price noting the faculty of valor bard has one thing very similar to this however eldritchknight extra fashionable. Within the eldritchknight case starting at seventh stage once you use an motion to solid a cantrip you can also make one weapon assault as a bonus motion. So that you don’t actually have to select and select. In the event you’re gonna use your motion to assault anyhow you would possibly as properly simply use it to solid blade ward and get an assault simply cuz. I feel that is fairly robust particularly at later ranges the place the chances of you taking harm are going to be fairly substantial.

Anyhow so that you would possibly as properly do your better of mitigating that harm you’re gonna be taking and primarily deleting it off the battlefield totally. It’s actually cool stuff.

And the fourth potential combo we’re gonna be masking is pairing blade ward with armor of agathist. In the event you’re not acquainted armor of agathist is likely one of the most iconic warlock spells, in fact there are different methods to get it however warlocks are the first customers of it and its description reads as adopted.

A protecting magical power shall be encompass you, manifesting just like the spectral frost which covers you and your gear. You shall achieve 5 short-term hit factors for a selected period. Suppose, if a creature hits you with a melee assault when you have these hit factors that point the creature takes 5 chilly harm.

At Increased Ranges:

While you solid a spell utilizing a spell slot of second stage or larger each the short-term hit factors and the chilly harm elevated by 5 for every slot.

What blade ward does along side the armor of agathis, is it primarily doubles its efficient period which is basically very nice. In the event that they’re solely going to be dealing half harm to you then your short-term hit factors are going to final twice as lengthy and consequently you find yourself dealing twice as a lot harm.

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