All bandits can roam free in gangs and be led by veterans, thugs, or spellcasters. These are not all bad bandits. They can be driven to starvation, drought, and disease by decent people.

The high seas’ most notorious bandits include major pirates. They could have been freebooters who were only interested in Treasure or Murder, or privateers authorized to attack and plunder enemy ships by the crown.

Take Action

ScimitarThis monster can use the scimitar attack to make a Melee Weapon Attack. It is +3 to hit, can reach 5 feet, and one target. Hit: 4 (1d6 + 1) slashing damage.

Crossbow LightUsing this light crossbow attack, this monster can make an Attack on Ranged Weapons: +3 to hit. Range 80ft./320ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d8+1). Piercing damage.

Attributes Of Bandit Monster DnD 5E

AC 12 (Leather Armor).
Alignment Any other lawful alignment
CHA 10
CON 12
Challenge Rating 1/8
DEX 12
HP 11 (2d8+2)
INT 10
Languages Any One Language (Usually Common).
Passive Perception 10
Roll 0 1d20 + 3 1d6+1
Roll 1 1d20 + 3 1d8+1
STR 11
Size Medium
Speed 30 ft.
Type Humanoid (any race).
WIS 10