You are an Antiquarian homebrewer and can study ancient lore to find valuable artifacts from past civilizations as well as bygone ages. You may be able save what you thought was lost. And you may discover forgotten stories about those who came before. Your journeys will often lead you to abandoned ruins far removed from modern civilisation. If you really look, you will see that there are other places you’d rather be. You may have been able help others find amazing historical wonders.

  • Skill Proficiencies History, Investigation
  • Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher’s supplies
  • Languages Choose one
  • Equipment A black ink pen, a quill, an tome that appears contain the history and culture of an unknown community or settlement, a collection of traveler’s clothing (Indiana Jones Hat Included) and a pouch for 10 gp
Feature: It belongs in a Museum

You are most likely a member or a museum that preserves historical relics. These antiquities could be kept in your possession and you can participate in their research. You may be allowed to participate in some expeditions that explore ruins or recover other historical items. You must have the necessary skills to accomplish the task.

Suggested Characteristics Of Antiquarian Homebrew Background 5E

They are very knowledgeable because they have spent so much time studying history. They may not be aware of recent developments. They are excited by new discoveries and fascinated by other cultures and practices. They often have a difficult time relating to others. Many are unable to travel for several days or weeks at once, and instead spend their time exploring lost ruins.

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 When I feel the situation is relevant, I will quote famous philosophers and historical texts.
2 Every abandoned fortress, forgotten castle, or abandoned town I find I must be checked.
3 I speak in a monotone that is more likely than not to entertain others.
4 I am more interested the past than the future, which is why I am mostly asocial.
5 I attempt to learn as much about a person’s past as possible whenever I meet them.
6 I am willing to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested and encourage others to do the same.
7 I love exploring ruins and getting to see lost history.
8 Ignorance frustrates and frustrates me. I try to correct others when I’m wrong.


d6 Ideal
1 Preservation It is important to preserve the relics from the past. Or else they will disappear from the memory. (Lawful).
2 Betterment – By learning from the mistakes made by our elders, we can help our children avoid them. (Better)
3 Dominance I have the power to use my past against those who are against me. (Evil)
4 Trophy The original inventors these relics were dead so why should I not keep them for a time? (Chaotic).
5 Expertise I must be the authority in my area of study. (Any)
6 Vigil We honor the achievements of the deceased only by keeping them in our thoughts. (Lawful).


d6 Bond
1 I must stop the looters and thieves from stealing the relics from the past.
2 My race’s historical contributions must be preserved in order to enrich the lives of future generations.
3 I am determined to uncover the truth about past events even if it is harmful to my country or organisation.
4 My family, clan or guild has a rich past, and I want to ensure that others know about it
5 I will accomplish the heroic feats about which future historians will be writing.
6 If an artifact is entrusted to my care, I will protect it at every cost, even my own life.


d6 Flaw
1 I claimed falsely to have discovered a forgotten culture and falsified evidence to support my claim.
2 I may be tempted to keep any relics of unique value that I find.
3 It is a strong rivalry that I feel between myself and one colleague. This often clouded my judgement.
4 I often pretend to know more than I really do and will ignore evidence that proves me wrong.
5 I care more about the money I get paid by museums than the artifacts they receive.
6 My obsession with a specific object has driven my family members away.