Because you are an old one homebrew background, you were chosen to enter a world in order to play one of the parts in the history. The history is over, but you still exist. Of course you don’t age naturally, or else contract the common diseases, and you have been lived several lifetimes beyond of your race’s eldest. You are not the only one who has questions. To watch your friends and family die from disease and age? You may be a victim of your own magical experiments. Regardless of the reason, your soul wouldn’t be denied its right to life. This gives you an ancient view of life.

Of course where some of the immortals are relatively young and even rash, though, you are far most older than your appearance may imply, and even you’ve been lived the far sight longer than much anyone alive. Of course you’ve seen so many kingdoms rise and also their falls, history be made, and even both good and evil could waste away to the passage of time.

All details about your immortality should be left to you and your DM. However, it is recommended that you use the vanilla boon to Immortality to prevent aging. You can also use the phylacteries to perform dark magic or some other form of rebirth, similar to a child born on another death.

  • Skill Proficiencies History and Insight
  • Languages Two languages of choice
  • Equipment A set of traveller’s clothes, a heavy cloak or robe, a small trinket from a past life that you always seem to find, and a pouch containing 15 gp


The answers to these questions, which you asked yourself, are what gives your soul its undying strength. What is it that makes you continue living beyond your years.

d6 Specialization
1 I was given a purpose and blessed by a benevolent Being.
2 A cruel being cursed me to see the end of the world.
3 I was granted a Wish spell, and gained immortality for good or ill.
4 I won a bet against the god of Death in a distant past and received reincarnation.
5 To attain my own immortality, I set up a series of clones as well as phylacteries.
6 I don’t know what makes me immortal, but I do know that I am older than I have any right to be.

Feature: A Lifetime of Experience

Many ancient perspectives provide a wide range of historical knowledge and historical insight. However, they often have new ideas. It is possible to recall details about other places, which may be useful for extrapolating from the same events. The historical facts will also come to you naturally, and many scholars or rulers value your advice if it is available.

Alternate feature: A World of Connections

As time goes by, you’ll be cultivating all your connections. There are many ways you can gain access to the most important people in your towns. You know the names, people and symbols you should mention, as well as catch phrases to help you get to high places (and sometimes low). These people might not always know the reasons you know these things. However, it is possible to get some of these audiences.

Suggested Characteristics

Many Ancient ones don’t age or contract disease. However, some have found a way to reincarnate. It is slow and requires some penalty. While some of the other players have discovered far more effective methods, it is worth consulting your Dungeon Master to see if they are able to offer any other options than agelessness and rebirth. The adventuring old ones are usually driven by a quirk or a cause. We have provided some ideas to help you get started in the tables below.

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 I obsess over my appearance. I won’t look at myself if I get this old!
2 My worldview may be outdated and absurd to many, but it is what I believe in for my children.
3 After seeing most of the world, I decided to spend some time away from it all, in order to catch up. What are some new places I can explore?
4 I will never be able to replicate my immortality. However, I’m very close to it!
5 The world is doomed, and my melancholy attitude makes very few friends.
6 My peculiar mannerisms make people uncomfortable, but my knowledge eventually makes me friends.
7 I am prone to become bored by what others consider new and this makes me seem discourteous.
8 Others are small compared with the grand plans of the universe. I plan to be much more than a cog.


d6 Ideal
1 Knowledge. My knowledge should be freely shared with anyone who wants to learn. (Good)
2 Prophecy. There are things beyond our reach and I will accomplish them. (Lawful).
3 Entropy. Infinite Time means infinite plans to achieve my ends… and mine will soon come to fruition. (Chaos)
4 Calamity. Ending my cycle means ending the world. And I will be the one to bring an end to all eras. (Evil).
5 Rest. I just want to end this cycle and make peace. (Neutral)
6 Beyond. I have attained immortality… but is there more? (Any)


d6 Bond
1 As other mortals live so short lives, it is difficult to form bonds.
2 My immortality is my closest secret, and any knowledge that slips away could cause irreversible damage.
3 I am not quick to make alliances and I build trust slowly.
4 I revere the one who gave my immortality, and I seek to understand them.
5 I resent the one who thrust immortality upon my life, and seek to destroy them.
6 I want to find my past relatives – or their kin- and rekindle our bonds. However, I worry that they won’t recognize who I am.


d6 Flaw
1 I get tired of the world, and there is no joy in it.
2 Every new development sends my adrenaline pumping.
3 I am obsessed with knowledge and always looking for new things.
4 I am somewhat blinded by my immortality and drive, and my underlings are often left behind.
5 Time wears on your mind, looping endlessly, until you reach madness. Oh, the glory of madness!
6 I know everything. I don’t think so, and those who disagree are fools.