A 5e ancient king, you are a great ruler over your people, regardless of their cruelty or fairness. Your name was known throughout the land and your people prospered. You died one day, and you were also buried. However, it is possible that your necromancer or patron god raised you to fulfill a purpose.

These lands may seem foreign to you. You may find the people, the environment, and even the ground beneath your feet completely different. You will need to adapt quickly to this new world.

  • Skill Proficiencies History and Survival
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set
  • Languages Two of your choices
  • Equipment A set fine clothes, an antique signet band of your dynasty’s and an old wallet containing 15gp.

Featured: Ancient Thinking

The fact that you died so many years ago has changed your way of thinking. It is possible that you believed something wrong years ago. For example, the Drow are fiends created from the bowels of the earth. Some things may be more important to you than others. You might think knowledge is useless if it is compared with something more unique like jousting with boulders. Perhaps you believed that everything happens in a world where spirits decide. Allow your imagination to run wild and imagine something similar.

Alternate Feature: Ancient Knowledge

Even though you may have lost some of your knowledge years ago, you might still be able to recall certain things. You might know how to manipulate magic, or the reasons why an ancient civilization collapsed. While you may not be able to know all the answers, there are likely others who would like that information at any cost.

5E: Suggested Characteristics For Ancient King Homebrew Background

Your personality can be very different if you are a ruler from the past. It is possible to be vindictive to the people who brought down your kingdom. Perhaps you felt relief as a former ruler, because so much time has passed since then and you can do anything you want.

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 I’ve lost my kingdom. Let me mourn what I have lost.
2 I don’t care anymore about anything. My people have passed and I’m almost immortal now.
3 This is a new world, and I want it to be mine!
4 I was their ruler once. They don’t treat me the way I deserve.
5 Sometimes my anger gets the best of me. How dare they live when mine doesn’t?
6 I am dignified even in death and possess the patience that only an unfailing ruler can have.
7 I have experienced death and I still fear it. This is why i am a coward.
8 There are many new things you can do in this world. I want to try them all.


d6 Ideal
1 Conquest. I will rule over all others no matter how many! (Evil)
2 Freedom. I am so far gone that I no longer have to live upto the standards set by others. I can be anything I want! (Chaotic).
3 Justice. Even though my people are gone now, I still have to uphold the ideals of a just and equitable ruler (Good)
4 Order. This world is quite different to the one I know and must be controlled. (Lawful).
5 Rebuilding. Although the world has changed, I still need to rebuild my life. (Neutral)
6 Exploiting. This world is full opportunities and I plan to seize them. (Any)


d6 Bond
1 Whatever caused my people’s departure from this world, will pay!
2 I must find out why I rose from my grave.
3 Someone stole something from my tomb and I want it back!
4 I had a friend in my youth, and I’d like to know their fate.
5 My people have passed from this world and I will retain their memories.
6 I was wronged by an old rival from another kingdom. I want to find out what happened and whether I can settle the matter.


d6 Flaw
1 I believe that I am superior to everyone else and that they don’t deserve to be in the exact same building as I.
2 I often get into trouble because of my curiosity about this new world.
3 Sometimes I get distracted by thoughts about what could have been for my Kingdom.
4 My age makes it difficult for me to trust or come up with new ideas.
5 When someone paints my kingdom in a negative light, I get enraged.
6 I’m extremely superstitious and believe in strange things to keep away evil spirits and such.