Being an Amnesiac 5E homebrew background you ……don’t even know who your are before you become an Adventurer. You have too many ideas and they keep your awake at night. You take on adventures, review the history, then follow the leads in the hope that you will find your true self ….. You only need to do this if you truly want to discover who you are. Although you don’t know the exact cause of what happened, should provide proof .

  • Skill Proficiencies Perception, Investigation
  • Tool Proficiencies: One musical instrument, one gaming set, one weapon
  • Languages You can choose one
  • Equipment Two trinkets you have from your past, one being a useless red herring, and the other being crucial to your forgotten history. You can let your DM choose which one, but they don’t have to reveal which. A set of commoner clothes, and a set weapons that you are skilled with.

Quirks and Impulses

Even though your memories are gone, you’re still a living thing. Even if you can’t recall where they originated, certain behaviors and mannerisms may persist. You can consult the table below.

d6 Specialization
1 Formal Attitude : You are formal and formal at all times. This is especially true for those whom you consider superiors. This could be due a military or noble family background.
2 Forgiveness: You have the strong feeling that everyone deserves another chance, even if you don’t always believe it. It may be true that you feel this urge is right for your, but it can cause you to doubt it.
3 Wanderlust: This is a feeling of compulsion to travel. It’s like you used it all the time. Staying too long at one place can make you feel restless. This urge might be overcome over time.
4 Driven to learn: This is why you feel compelled to visit the libraries and colleges around the globe. You are deeply ingrained with the desire to learn as much as you can. Although this might not match the expectations of your class it could be a help or hindrance in your quest for self-discovery.
5 Religious Thinking: You are easily convinced by messages and figures from religion. In your past, you were clearly a religious person. Now, you might have a different perspective on its implications since you’re starting from scratch.

Feature: Deja Vu

It’s like you suddenly have a lot of information about the person, place or thing you are looking at. Perhaps a phrase or an illustration triggers you. But suddenly, you are able to recall everything you knew about the item like you’ve known for years.

The history and investigations you do about this item will bring you many benefits. This feature can be used up to three times per campaign, or per character.

Alternate Feature:

You might be able to remember a specific field, knowledge, or even another subject despite your amnesia. You can select the field you would like your character to learn more about and then record it on your character sheets. Even if you fail the history roll, you can still refer to it for assistance if needed. It’s not yet known.

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 I enjoy capturing the moment through art or writing.
2 So I don’t forget what I need to know, I keep a list in my notebook.
3 I always have a ribbon on my finger… I don’t understand why.
4 When I think about the past, I experience constant headaches.
5 Every question I get, I tell a different story about myself.
6 I worry that I might forget the life that I live right now.
7 Sometimes I think about my family and where I fit in.
8 I don’t want to pay too much attention to my past.


d6 Ideal
1 “This is a fresh, new start for me!” (Any)
2 Placement: “I will be a helpful member in my community, both from the past and from the future.” (Lawful).
3 Improvement: “I must learn about my past in order to improve my future.” (Good)
4 Neglect: “Why bother looking for my past?” It’s all about the past. (Neutral)
5 Freedom: “Having No Memories means you don’t have any obligations.” (Chaotic).
6 Advantage: “Once you find out who you are, I will use it to get back what you want.” (Evil).


d6 Bond
1 When he saw me, a kind old man welcomed me into his home. I owe him a favor ever since.
2 I was a lover to someone in my past. She wants me to bring her back.
3 My trinket is the only thing I have in my past.
4 My home is my only place of belonging.
5 I have an idea of who’s responsible and they will pay.
6 I only remember one person from my childhood. He is the only one who can help my discover my past.


d6 Flaw
1 To discover who I am, I’ll stop at nothing.
2 Every time I was at a dead end when learning about my past, I shut down mentally for a while.
3 Not only did I forget my past, but I also forgot basics like food.
4 I forget quickly.
5 Anything that gives me an inkling of who I am, I’ll grab onto it.
6 I’m almost certain that I did something wrong in the past. The guilt is overwhelming, even though I don’t know the details.