As per this Alcoholic Scientist Homebrew Background 5E you’re the brilliant scientist, you’re well-known for your advancements and also the contributions to the fields depends upon your choice. Of course you’ve a tutored to many of a bright-eyed student, also sending them on their specific way for becoming as intelligent as yourself. Of course your students are quite familiar with the sight of you’ve passed out, facedown, on your desk, several empty flasks scattered among your notes.

So, as long as you could remember, even though that is not saying much, in that way you’ve been an avid enjoyer of alcohol, despite of your scientific background. Here are few questions about yourself…..Do you drink to cope with stress? Do you use it to cope with stress or is it just a way to unlock the secrets of the universe? Are you able to control your alcoholism and drink only when you are working? Or has it spiraled out-of-control, requiring you and your students to take care of you after each one of your drunken blunders?

  • Skill Proficiencies Perception, Investigation
  • Tool Proficiencies: Tinker’s tools and Calligrapher’s supplies
  • Equipment A backpack, set of lab coats and a bedroll.

Feature: Intoxicated Teacher

You do drink. It is a lot. Yes, it is a serious problem. Unfortunately in some specific terms of your recovery, you’ve been found that drinking, to the particular extent, it helps organize your slightly scattered mind, and of course it also makes previously difficult for understanding the different concepts much easier for parse and work through.

You are drunk and your character is able to find the words to explain any type or concept related to your scientific platform.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 I’m fascinated by technology.
2 I don’t understand the role of religion.
3 It is a pleasure to analyze the lives of those around me.
4 I have a plan of action for what to do if things go wrong.
5 I will settle for perfection.
6 It’s exciting to think about the possibility of having a new student.
7 Even when faced with disaster, I remain utterly tranquil
8 To convey the feeling of great erudition, I use polysyllabic language.


d6 Ideal
1 Sincerity. It’s not worth pretending that I am something else. (Neutral)
2 Aspiration. I want to achieve my goals. (Any)
3 Creativity. The world needs bold ideas and creative action. (Chaotic).
4 Respect. Respect and dignity are important to people. (Good)
5 Logicality. Emotions should not overshadow our ability to see the truth and be right. (Lawful).
6 Knowledge. Knowledge is key to self-improvement, power and success. (Neutral)


d6 Bond
1 Because of my bad habits, I am often disgraced in the scientific community.
2 I was too drunk to do any research on my coworkers. I will do anything to make it right.
3 To me, the university where I learned my trade was the most important in the entire world.
4 It is my duty, regardless of how many drinks I have consumed, to protect my students.
5 I preserve libraries, universities, alchemical laboratories, and monasteries.
6 I owe an indebtedness to those who helped me overcome my addiction.


d6 Flaw
1 I refuse to admit that I have problems.
2 I am known for being completely unprepared when attending serious events.
3 My curiosity made me blind to danger. This lack of awareness is magnified when I’m drunk.
4 Racing thoughts are a problem for me. A few drinks can help me focus.
5 I feel awful guilt over my addiction and hide it whenever I can.
6 If I had to choose between my research and my cravings, I’d pick the booze.