The homunculus is closer than an alchemical experiment. Most likely, you were created by an evil wizard as a slave. Perhaps you were created by a powerful magi to prove their power. No matter why you were created, it is certain that you know the reason. You are free to decide your fate and can be left alone for any reason.

  • Skill Proficiencies Nature and Arcana
  • Tool Proficiencies: Alchemist’s Supply
  • Languages A language, specifically the language spoken or created by you. This can be selected by the player, or determined by DM.
  • Equipment A simple set of robes and a journal with ciphered notes about your creation.


Your purpose was to serve a purpose. You have two options: either you can make your own origin of creation, or you could work with your DM. You can also refer to the table below.

d6 Scope
1 My body was created to become the new vessel for my creator. It’s still not clear how I became sentient.
2 I was created to serve my creator as a slave/servant.
3 My creator found me lonely and gave me a companion.
4 It seems that I was made to prove it possible.
5 I am the victim of a terrible accident. My creation was not meant. There are others who would like to destroy my creation.
6 I was created with many others to test a multitude of spells, alchemical blends, and other magickal items.

Notice: This dnd background provides the feature, which is rare and very rarely used in campaigns. This feature is identical to the background, and was created in order to create an unforgettable experience for roleplaying.

Unnatural feature

This sign indicates that your actions are both scientifically based and against nature. Some more powerful beings are aware of your unusual existence. The Celestials, Fey, and Fiends regard you as special. You may be treated differently depending on how you are encountered. The Celestials might treat you as a curiosity and take pity on your circumstances. You will be treated with hostility by the fey, while the Fiends may be interested in signing contracts or becoming your patron.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Trait

d8 Personality trait
1 It appears that emotions were not necessary when I was created.
2 I am constantly curious about the world around me, particularly when it comes to living creatures.
3 I have no interest in most scholarly areas, and only enjoy the simple pleasures of living.
4 I am looking for a new master. I’m looking for a new master to help me on my quest.
5 I envy the natural born. I long for the family that I cannot have.
6 Hatred and Anger are useless emotions that waste our efforts.
7 Emotionally unstable, I quickly switch between emotions. This defect is in my design.
8 Death fascinates me. If those born from natural resources don’t know where they will end up, I have to wonder what death might hold for them.



d6 Ideal
1 Curiosity. Morality is not a barrier to understanding the world. (Neutral)
2 The purpose.

Purpose. (Lawful).
3 Vengeance. I was born in a world that hates and fears me. All those responsible must pay for my suffering. (Evil)
4 Understanding. I was not born naturally, but I am still a human being. (Neutral)
5 Betterment. The world can be better by being misunderstood, feared and misunderstood. (Good)
6 Freedom. To hell with my creator’s wishes! I can choose what purpose I want. (Chaotic).


d6 Bond
1 My creator is/was to me like a father/mother.
2 I discovered a faraway land that is different from the one I was born in. This distant land is my obsession.
3 I was instilled with the desire to study by my creator and have since taken up their work.
4 I woke up and found out that my creator had died.
5 Fearing and being hated by all taught me to rely on myself.
6 My body was made from the blood of another. This person must be located.


d6 Flaw
1 While I might be called fearless by some, my self-preservation instincts are lacking in real life.
2 I can be angry or saddened very easily.
3 I don’t understand emotion and find it difficult to empathize.
4 My obsession with my purpose makes it impossible to have any other priorities in my life.
5 I am terrified of magic of any kind.
6 I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing, so I am constantly seeking guidance.