This Aglarondan language was the regional tongue of an East Faerûn and also the official language of Aglarond. This language was spoken by many people. We’ll now discuss the speakers starting from below.

SpeakersAglarondan Language

This Aglarondan has spoken from the Dahst in the north direction to the Yuirwood in the south and also from Ingdal’s Arm in a west to a glarendar in east. Also some other regions where it has commonly spoken which includes: Altumbel, Chessenta, the Dragon Coast, Impiltur, Mulhorand, Rashemen, Thesk, the Vast, and the Wizards’ Reach. Elves of Sildëyuir and the Yuirwood spoke Aglarondan fluently.

We have script for this language. This Aglarondan actually uses the elven alphabet Espruar which was rarely used in human languages.

History of Aglarondan Language

A few of the scholors have been placed Aglarondan within a Thorass language group, which also includes languages such as Common, Chondathan and Turmic.

However, some other scholars claimed that Aglarondan shared many similarities by Damaran and an Ulou language rather than by Thorass tongues. (For instance, almost two-thirds were Damarans in the Aglarond. So all scholars came to an agreement. However, Aglarondan was strongly influenced and influenced by eleven languages, such as it used the elven alphabet and had Elven loan words (of particular importance for the green elf origin).