Homebrewers have always desired to learn more and be different. You can now! You have the tools skills to save your own life.

Your learning and all your knowledge has been very helpful. You still need more. Which knowledge can you apply to make your life more interesting? Is there any forbidden knowledge? Do you feel dragged from your office by the promise or ruins of mysteries? Did you uncover secrets you weren’t allowed to and choose to face the music rather than the outside?

  • Skill ProficienciesYou can choose one skill
  • Weapon ProficienciesA simple tool of your choice
  • Tool ProficienciesYou can choose one tool kit
  • LanguagesChoose one standard language
  • EquipmentA trinket from your childhood, common clothes, a book about your old teachings and a belt pouch with 10gp

Feature: Prodigy

This feature lets you do many things. It is easy and quick to pick up what your doing. Other benefits are also available. You can also add the cantrips to any spell list you have. Let’s assume you pick a wizard cantrip whenever you choose to cantrip for the benefit or a class. You can use the appropriate spellcasting modifier to make the cantrip count as a spell for that class.

You can also learn a new spell at any grade, if you have the ability. You can trade any wizard trip you already have for the wizard trip. This includes any spell exchanging your class allows.


You are a homebrew5e expert and you can tackle any challenge. Each skill has been chosen to overcome specific obstacles. It is more likely that you will buy equipment that you do not actually use than those you may need. This means you are always ready to act.

Suggested Characteristics

Many adepts have too many simplistic views of things. Many adepts have unique flaws that can make it more difficult for them to comprehend. It makes them fascinating to work with, and allows the world to have a unique experience.

Personality trait

d6 Personality trait
1 I am always interested in learning new subjects.
2 I will always be available to help my friends.
3 My destiny is my dream and my friends are the path to it.
4 I will continue to pursue my dreams of using it for unimaginable purposes.
5 It is difficult for me to be around other people.
6 I will not give up on a fight.


d6 Ideal
1 Teacher, I will make it my goal to help the helpless. (Good)
2 Persistence I am determined to achieve my dream. To achieve my goal, I will not let anyone stop me. (Chaotic).
3 Knowledge I will pass on what I have learned to others when I achieve my goal. (Lawful).
4 Revenge My dream will be used to punish those who laughed at my dreams. (Evil).
5 Remind yourself that even though I may not reach my goal, my skills will still be used. (Neutral)
6 Acceptance. It is my destiny. It is there. It is there.


d6 Bond
1 My instructor was everything.
2 When I achieve my goal, it will be mine to share.
3 I would die for my destiny.
4 My imagination takes me into the future.
5 I can still hear voices from those who helped me.
6 I am driven by my friends and their support.


d6 Flaw
1 To achieve my goal, I will do whatever is necessary.
2 Only I can trust myself, and not anyone else.
3 My skills won’t always work.
4 I’m rather clumsy.
5 People come to me asking for my assistance, but I’m not always the best at what they need.
6 I still wish my destiny was something else.