As per this Abyssdweller homebrew background you had been about to spawned in layers of the Abyss. You may need been a demon, or else the misplaced soul.

Listed below are few questions you ask your self being a abyssdweller.

Do you’ve gotten any recollections of the time within the Abyss? What have you ever skilled? Have you ever acquired torture or torment in any sort and if sure, was there a purpose for that? Have been you a part of the military of a demon lord? Did you struggle towards devils or different demons? What’s the purpose that you’re not a part of that world anymore? Possibly you discovered a approach out by your self, somebody despatched you on a mission, otherwise you had been summoned by a cult or different power?

  • Prerequisite: You will need to both be native to the abyss or have purpose, why you had been there. You may need to work that out together with your DM.
  • Ability Proficiencies: Intimidation, Deception
  • Device Proficiencies: Disguise Equipment
  • Languages: Select one from the next record: Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial or Deep Speech
  • Gear: A Disguise package, a set of darkish frequent garments, a small belt pouch containing 5 gp, and a trinket from the decrease planes

Function: Secrets and techniques of the Abyss

being a dweller of the abyss, you do know the passages and routes through this abyss which others truly miss it. However everytime you’re not within the fight, you(and companions you lead) in a position to journey between any of the 2 areas within the abyss twice as quick as your velocity would usually enable.

Prompt Traits

Character Trait

d8 Character Trait
1 Friendship is new and unusual to me.
2 I am not a person of many phrases.
3 The stage is mine; I am the middle of every little thing.
4 I like to precise feelings and emotions in wild gestures.
5 Staying at one place for too lengthy shouldn’t be in my curiosity.
6 For some purpose, I get pleasure from nature and it is magnificence.
7 It is arduous/simple to adapt to this world.
8 It is simpler to kill somebody than to be good to somebody.


d6 Superb
1 Order. Following orders is usually choice, that may lead in much less ache. (Lawful)
2 Ache. Feeling ache reminds folks of the truth that they’re nonetheless alive, so it’s good to provide them that feeling. [A fact that they forget too easy] (Evil)
3 Freedom. You probably have the chance to do every little thing you need, what might cease you from doing that? (Chaotic)
4 Hate. Everybody not from the Abyss doesn’t should reside. (Evil)
5 Integrity. Decreasing the ache of somebody means much less ache in your entire world. (Good)
5 Destruction. Chaos is extra seemingly than order. Let’s assist with this course of. (Chaotic)


d6 Bond
1 There’s this one particular place within the abyss the place I at all times got here again to.
2 I took half within the blood warfare towards the devils.
3 I used to be/am beneath the command of a demon lord/prince.
4 I had some mates/comrades within the abyss. I’m wondering what occurred to them.
5 I as soon as fought in an enormous battle between two demon lords/princes.
6 I’ve connections to a cult from the Materials Aircraft.


d6 Flaw
1 There isn’t any approach I am going to return to the abyss. If there’s a strategy to survive, I’ll take it, even when meaning I’ve to go away others behind.
2 Desirous about the abyss at all times makes me offended.
3 Everyone seems to be hateable.
4 I’ve an explosive nature. It is fairly simple to set off me.
5 Typically I discuss to myself. The time within the abyss was lengthy and lonely…
6 I often maintain stuff I discover or get for me.