You are a curious and zany person who thinks out of the box because of this background. You are a master at abstract painting, sculpture, and other types of art. You are known for your quirky sense of fashion and positive outlook. You’re more adept at getting out of difficult situations. You’re very much like nature. Maybe you even love it.


You are able to come up with creative solutions to problems that no one else can solve. You can hack your way out of problems without needing to fight them.


These spellings are well-known:

Spell Level Spells

Cantrip druidcraft

1st faerie fire

Suggested Characteristics

You are known for your creative personality and quirky personality.

Personality Trait

d6 Personality Trait
1 You are averse to fighting and prefer to talk yourself out of it
2 It doesn’t matter if it is polite, honesty is your best trait
3 While you don’t attempt to be funny, your humor is a part of who you are.
4 Boredom can often lead to random doodles
5 Although you are called a wordo by some, you are proud to be one
6 Your support can be shown in the strangest way possible


d6 Ideal
1 Freedom
2 Fun
3 Creativity
4 Nature


d4 Flaw
1 You can’t do it the easy way.
2 You are so truthful, it can get you into trouble
3 You don’t enjoy making plans. Or following them.
4 You believe in things that no one else believes