This background makes you an odd and in addition zany particular person who thinks outdoors the field. You spend a lot time abstractly portray, sculpture or another kind of artwork. Your quirky sense of vogue and constructive outlook are what make you well-known. You’re extra expert at speaking your self out of tight spots. You are rather a lot like nature, and possibly you are a vegetarian for it.

Function: Creativity

You’ve got the flexibility to search out artistic options to issues others can’t clear up. You’ll be able to hack your manner via issues with out having to combat them.


You already know these spellings:

Spell Stage Spells

Cantrip druidcraft

1st faerie hearth

Urged Traits

You’re well-known on your quirky persona and artistic aptitude.

Persona Trait

d6 Persona Trait
1 You hate to combat and like to speak your manner out of battle
2 You are all the time sincere; wether it’s well mannered or not
3 You do not attempt to be humorous however you are hilarios
4 You typically doodle random stuff out of boredom
5 Folks name you a wierdo however you are proud to be one
6 You present your assist within the wierdest manner potential


d6 Excellent
1 Freedom
2 Enjoyable
3 Creativity
4 Nature


d4 Flaw
1 The straightforward manner is not sufficient for you
2 You are so sincere it will get you in bother
3 You do not like planning; or following them
4 You imagine in issues nobody else does