LEVEL: 1st

CASTING TIME: 1 Response *

Vary/Space: Self

Parts: S

Period:  1 Spherical

College: Abjuration

Assault/Save: None

Injury/Impact: Drive (…)

Everytime you take a harm from a selected spell which shall deal both any of those reminiscent of drive, necrotic, poison, psychic, or radiant harm, in an effort to simply use a response for the solid of this spell which normally summoning an arcane ward nearly round you these are dampening its impact on you. The ward shall be captured a few of an incoming energy, lessening its impact on you and even it’s containing it for your whole subsequent melee assault.

You’ve got a number of the resistance for a triggering harm sort till until the beginning of your subsequent flip.  Regardless that, in addition they, for the primary time that you simply hit with a melee assault in your subsequent flip, though the goal shall take an additional 1d6 harm of a triggering sort, and the spell ends.

At Increased Ranges:

Everytime you solid this spell by utilizing the spell slot of 2nd stage or larger, even the additional harm shall be elevated by 1d6 for every slot stage above 1st.