LEVEL: 4th

CASTING TIME: 1 Hour Ritual

Vary/Space: Contact

Elements: V, S, M *

Period:  Till Dispelled

Faculty: Transmutation

Assault/Save: None

Right here a goal creature ought to make a knowledge saving throw or else it ought to be became a hag. The hag has been obedient to you, and even it’s comply with your instructions except till that will be instantly hurting itself. In fact for the primary day it’s nearly 12 hours that it’s turned, regardless that it might make you the knowledge saving throw for each hour.

Right here the DC shall improve by one for each two saves failed. On a profitable save the creature shall be fallen into unconscious and in addition transforms again to over the course of a minute. Suppose, as soon as a goal shall be fail its final saving throw, normally its results are made for everlasting. A Higher Restoration, Take away Curse or Want spell cures the creature of this curse.