Like a baby you’re found in a tiny village left in a back alley wrapped up snugly in the blanket. Of course all that was upon you was this blanket, and even a torn off  piece of paper with your name has been written on it. Probably you’re taken in by an older women of a village. You have been loved by her, although she is now gone for 12 years. People in her village sent out pitchforks, torchlights, and flashlights to chase you out after her passing.

As per this Abandoned to the Wilds homebrew  5E Background you ran and ran until you were totally lost in the wilderness around you. You will find wild animals and plantlife around you. They are normally seemed to hold some sort affection for you, like you’re always provided with whatever the food and the shelter that you might need. Also you’re stayed and proposed until unless something has been pulled from your comforting home.

Skill Proficiencies: Two skills: Acrobatics or Stealth, Nature, Animal handling, Perception, Survival, or both.

Languages Select the language that best matches where you want your village to be located.

Equipment: A bag of healing plants (enough to make one potion).

Feature: Commune With Nature

The plants and wildlife of the wild almost seem to guide you in search for shelter and food whenever you are there.

Suggested Characteristics

By spending so much long time in the wilderness that you’re naive for the true nature of people. You are cautious about them, but you understand that there are good ones out in the wild.

Personality trait

d5 Personality trait
1 I am a complete ignoramus of social expectations and etiquette.
2 Since I was so isolated, I have resorted to grunting and gestures instead of speaking.
3 I would rather make new friends than new enemies.
4 I find a lesson in every situation by watching nature.
5 I feel more at ease around animals than with people.


d4 Ideal
1 Live and Let Live. Trouble is only caused by interfering in the affairs others. (Neutral)
2 Nature. All the structures of civilization are less important than the natural world. (Neutral)
3 Logic. Emotions should not overshadow our ability to see the truth and be right. (Lawful).
4 Change. Change is a constant part of life. (Chaotic).


d3 Bond
1 I am plagued by terrible visions of a future disaster and will do whatever it takes to avoid it.
2 I will unleash terrible wrath on those who have destroyed my homeland.
3 A serious injury to my unspoiled wilderness is a serious injury.


d3 Flaw
1 Don’t think I can save people who aren’t able to save themselves. Nature is cruel in that the strong prosper and the weak die.
2 I cannot keep a secret from anyone to save my life or mine.
3 I am so lonely that I can’t join social queues anymore.