LEVEL: sixth


Vary/Space: 60 ft (20 ft *)

Parts: V, S, M *

Length: Instantaneous

College: Conjuration

Assault/Save: DEX Save

Injury/Impact: Chilly (…) 

Right here the icy shards shall be appeared above the cylinder 60 ft. excessive and with a ten ft. diameter centered nearly at a selected level that you’ll be able to see inside a variety. Right here nearly all the shards shall be rain down upon a circle and even it ought to make a Dexterity saving throw.

Anyway on a failure they shall take 3d8 slashing harm and 4d8 chilly harm and likewise it ought to make a Power saving throw.  On a specific success they shall take half as a lot harm and shall make no Power throw. On a (power) failure they shall grow to be incased in ice and they’re restrained and incapacitated too. Each flip that they’re incased in ice, they shall take 2d8 chilly harm. On a (power) success, they might be undergo no results.