LEVEL: 4th


Vary/Space: Contact

Elements: S, M *

Period: Instantaneous

College: Enchantment

Assault/Save: CON Save

Harm/Impact: Bludgeoning

Being Aabaskar’s Vampire Bane 5E Homebrew Spell your hand shall start to be glow inexperienced, and in addition a otherworldly energy fills your being like you must swing the punch right into a maw of an enemy by the ethereal drive. You shall additionally have to make a melee spell assault. On a selected hit, it shall deal 4d8 bludgeoning injury. However to undead, it shall deal 6d8. To vampires, it could deal 9d8 and the vampire has to make a CON saving throw which is towards your spellsave DC + 3. Nonetheless on a profitable save, nothing occurs. However on a failed save, the vampire has to make a Structure saving throw at an finish of each flip. Suppose, if it fails, then it cannot regenerate its subsequent flip. However If it succeeds, the impact ends.