According to this dnd5e homebrew history, you have not been raised as the poor, rich or homeless, but rather as a safe and secure family with your two parents and perhaps some siblings. Of course, you are a native of your town and have never left it. Your job title will determine how you get by in your community. It could be selling goods in shops or on the streets or as an assistant or some other type of work.

Until unless a day, you were asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” and you have been decided that it’s time for a little adventure.

Skill Proficiencies You are proficient at persuasion. You may also be interested in learning more about your occupation.

Tool Proficiencies: Land vehicles. Seek out more information about your profession.

Languages: Pick one language other than exotic.

EquipmentBackpack, common clothing, hammer and ink pen, ink (10 sheets), ladder (10-foot), mirror, lock, shovel, soap

Occupation: You can choose your occupation or you can randomly select it. You will find an additional skill that you can gain from this occupation in the parentheses.

d35 Occupation
1 Merchant (Insight)
2 Pickpocket (Sleight-of-Hand, pouch containing fifteen gp).
3 Alchemist (alchemist’s supplies, Arcana)
4 Barter (benefit of Persuasion when trading)
5 Armorer (smith’s tools, medium armour)
6 Locksmith (thieves’ tools, lock)
7 Brewer (brewer’s supply, Arcana).
8 Bartender (sleight-of-hand, your jug has been filled with ale).
9 Carpenter (carpenter’s tools)
10 Cartographer (cartographer’s tool, Survival)
11 Calligrapher (calligrapher supplies, two ink pen)
12 Scribe (two ink pen, calligrapher’s supplies)
13 Cobbler (cobbler’s tools)
14 Shoemaker (leather) 1 sq. Sleight Of Hand, 1 sq.
15 Cook (cook with utensils) – Advantage on Wis/Int check made about food
16 Baker (cook’s utensils) – Advantage on Perception checks made regarding smell
17 Farmer (Athletics, 20 Days of Rationing)
18 Glassblower (glassblower’s tools, Sleight of Hand).
19 Jeweler (jeweler’s tools, advantage in Persuasion when selling jewels).
20 Leatherworker (leatherworker’s tools, leather (1 sq. (ft.
21 Mason
22 Painter
23 Sculptor
24 Spellcasters (must choose from Arcana or a class that specializes in spellcasting).
25 Potter
26 Smith
27 Metal-forger
28 Tinker
29 Acolyte
30 Weaver
31 Dyer
32 Grave-digger (halfling “Brave” feature, two shovels)
33 Woodcarver
34 Entertainer
35 Actor

Feature: Commoner’s Curse

Since you’re almost out of the practice of lots of tough adventuring, each of your ability scores shall be decrease by 1. Your ability scores will decrease by 1 when you level up. However, your ability scores can increase or decrease depending on how you level up.

However on the bright side, you shall have the permanent advantage on any of the Charisma checks which has made while speaking to a commoner/townsperson.

Suggested Characteristics

I don’t know what to type here.

Personality trait
d8 Personality Trait
1 I am fascinated by money and trade. I love making, buying, and selling money whenever I have the chance.
2 My optimism is unshakeable.
3 I have a joke to tell for every occasion, even when humor is not appropriate.
4 I’d rather have a friend than a foe.
5 Adventure is what thrills me the most, and I want to continue exploring.
6 Telling me that I can’t does it is the best way to convince me to do it.
7 I have bipolar personality. I experience extreme mood swings.
8 In an effort to sound smarter, I use long words.
d6 Ideal
1 Independence. I am an independent spirit. No one can tell me what to do. (Chaotic).
2 Friendship. Material goods are temporary. The bonds of friendship last a lifetime. (Good)
3 Honor. Honor. (Lawful).
4 Greed. I will do what it takes to become rich. (Evil).
5 Tradition. For the stories, legends, songs, and lessons they have taught us, we must not forget them. (Any)
6 Creativity. The world needs new ideas and bold actions. (Chaotic).
d6 Bond
1 I chose adventure over family and regret it.
2 It’s rare that I don’t think of my family and friends back home.
3 I owe all of my life to my fellow townpeople and must repay them.
4 My soul mate died long ago. I will never again love another person.
5 The moment that inspired me to go on an adventure will be a part of my life forever.
6 My (mother/father/sibling) ran away from home a long time ago. Although everyone has said they are dead now, I refuse to stop searching.
d6 Flaw
1 Money is my main distraction.
2 I am often unaware of the risks.
3 I am skeptical of everything and anyone I don’t know to the point it is dangerous and ridiculously annoying.
4 I am unaware that there is a larger world than my small town and I believe I know more than anyone else.
5 I cannot help but to flirt.
6 I have elaborate and sometimes unrealistic plans. When things don’t go my direction, I get angry.