You’re but a normal and also the ordinary person just of trying to live their life whenever a day the cosmic forces took the greatest interest within you. Maybe as per this a chosen one 5e homebrew background you’re unknowingly a part of the great prophecy or else these forces shall see something within you that you do not. Probably whatever the case you’ve been thrust onto a cosmic chess board. These great forces will try to manipulate your fate and you to their advantage.

You are you, regardless of their motives. Will you refuse to accept any plans that the cosmos has for your life, or will you follow their lead? This offer of power must be tempting, right?

No matter whatever the choice you’ve been taken, because it is not safe to stay in your old life all the time. Although you may have been aware of your destiny for many years before it happened, sooner or later, someone will send something after to you. Staying put will usually lead to danger to you and others. You had to pack up and also leave with your important belongings one day, probably as you’re pushed out of your old life.

Anyhow, whether or not you want this power, then you can not deny it’s existence. You can use this power and other skills you have from previous lives to be an adventurer. mainly you’ll be surrounded by the people those who can deal with the things thrown at you, and of course you could make a quick buck.

Skill Proficiencies Persuasion is another skill related to the work that you did in your past life.

Tool Proficiencies: Any skill that is related to your older life.

Languages Any other language that you have learned from interactions with other planes, but which is less common, such as celestial or infernal.

Equipment A set comprising a pair of casual clothes, a knife, a bedroll, a set with common clothes and a dagger. Also, a necklace that has a very personal and important item attached and a belt bag containing 10gp.

Feature: A Guide for Teachers and a Guide

Of all the players of a cosmoscopic chess board that you’ve been placed upon, usually one in particular has taken the special interest in you. They could have chosen you and granted you power. Or they may have discovered your hidden talents. They would always tell you that no matter what the case, they are there for your help. So at the DM’s discretion they would manifest before you. You could see them in many forms. They could be humanoid silhouettes or voices in your head. They are the only ones you can see and hear, but they can also see and hear all that you can. They try to influence your decisions so that you follow the correct path. However, they also teach you how to use your newfound powers. While their true intentions may not be known, they do seem to want to help. They are often distrustful of anything that is evil or related to their foes.

Suggested Characteristics

You would find it difficult to find a place to call home, given the weight of the entire world on your shoulders. However, you know your destiny will come eventually. It is not surprising that you find making big decisions so difficult. You never know when you might be the one to decide this realm’s fate. But many of all you miss your old home, and also what it was like to be normal, even if you’re grow to accept your new place in this world.

Personality trait

d8 Personality trait
1 Every decision that I make is scrutinized, and I don’t know if it’s the right or wrong one.
2 I’m cautious around strangers. You never know if they are a higher being disguised.
3 I try my best to do things differently than what my guide tells.
4 Instead of waiting to see my destiny, I’m racing headfirst towards it.
5 Despite my higher rank in this world, I still view myself as a commoner.
6 I did not want this to happen. I want to go home.
7 I have heard terrible things that could make someone mad. Perhaps I am mad.
8 Even if I have already made my decision, I always try to get the opinion of my Guides.


d6 Ideal
1 Duty. I must ensure that my world survives, no matter what fate might have planned. (Lawful).
2 The Right Thing. I will do the right thing and not what others tell. (Good)
3 Power. Power. (Evil).
4 You have the freedom to choose. I don’t care what “greater” part I play in the world. I’m going to do whatever I want. (Chaotic).
5 Home. I want to finish this so that I can get home. (Neutral)
6 Destiny. I will accept the destiny that has been set before me to make it better. (Any)


d6 Bond
1 I was forced to leave a person I care deeply about to save them from the terrible things that were happening to me. They might use them for something if they find out.
2 It is very important to my family that I live in my hometown. I want them to be safe from my chaos so that they don’t get hurt.
3 To protect my family against the forces of evil, I ran away in the dark to save them. Their search for me has been documented.
4 It was too late for me to leave and my home was destroyed. I did not leave to fulfill my destiny but to seek revenge.
5 Only one person knows my secret. I don’t know what my secret will be used for.
6 My tools are the only thing that remains of my life. They are my reminder of where I came, and I keep them close by.


d6 Flaw
1 Fear of being near others is a sign that I am afraid of what evil forces might use against me.
2 My destiny is all that matters to me, so I don’t care about the troubles and struggles of others.
3 As I fear that the decision that leads to doomsday might be mine, I cannot make them on my own.
4 I will do everything possible to avoid my destiny, even if it puts others in danger.
5 I have experienced the destruction and death that a wrong decision can cause. It has already happened to me once.
6 As long as I’m alive, it doesn’t matter what I do.

Variant Feature – The Devil on Your Shoulder

Despite of the forces of good’s best efforts, it shall seem like though someone else found you first. It’s basically that constant voice in your mind trying to make you take a wrong turn. Of course you’re still yourself, but they would serve like a constant reminder of what one misstep could lead to. Of course here a question shall arise Will you strive to cleanse yourself of it’s influence, or will you crack under the pressure? While the DM can choose when and how they manifest, only you can hear/or see them.