7 Common Jeep Patriot Transmission Problems

The Jeep Patriot has all the time been extremely regarded for its model status and inexpensive worth. Nonetheless, one factor appears to be constantly related to it – Jeep Patriot transmission issues. As a result of these failures are so in depth and occur so regularly, it has nearly change into an expectation that undermines the automotive’s reliability and general efficiency. This information goals to counter that notion by discussing the car’s commonest points and the right way to repair them.

Widespread Jeep Patriot transmission issues embody shuddering and whining noises. Typically, points originate from a faulty transmission however may come from broken brakes and tie rods or corroded sway arms. Inspecting transmission fluid ranges is normally step one to addressing them.

Listed below are the 7 commonest Jeep Patriot transmission issues:

  1. Lack of acceleration energy
  2. Transmission noises
  3. Overheating
  4. Stalling
  5. Shuddering/Shakiness
  6. Grinding sounds
  7. Transmission gear slippage

Unresolved transmission failures are an accident ready to occur – therefore, they need to be handled with the utmost urgency. That stated, if transmission and differential fluid ranges are as much as spec, then it’s time to look into different parts which will require a extra laborious troubleshooting course of. Don’t fear if you’re new to all this, as this text has received you coated.

Widespread Jeep Patriot Transmission Issues

Jeep Patriot Off-Roading, Monument Valley, Utah

1. Lack of Acceleration Energy (Failure mileage: 15, 000 – 130,000 Miles)

Issues with the 2011 Jeep Patriot transmission is the car’s 2nd most prevalent challenge, with roughly 17 shoppers reporting points, together with one formal criticism logged with NHTSA (CarComplaints.com knowledge). Of those transmission issues, lack of acceleration energy is essentially the most complained about. It additionally poses the best security threat for Jeep Patriot house owners, particularly these using their automobiles as every day commuters.

Among the many components attributed to the lack of acceleration, energy is a defective Transmission Management Module (TCM). When a TCM is flawed, it causes your Jeep Patriot to barely begin or, worse, lose energy whereas driving (even at gradual speeds). You might also discover the traction management, transmission temperature, and CEL indicator lights activate as the problem occurs.

This drawback has reportedly occurred for automobiles no matter whether or not they had been stationary or in movement. And as luck would have it, it takes no less than a full week on your native seller so as to add a alternative TCM – leaving most house owners no alternative however to take the bus to go locations.


Apart from the above situation, signs related to this predicament could be fairly unpredictable. It might or could not accompany by loud popping noises or every other particular warning signal. Nonetheless, the reverse could be true if a failed crankshaft sensor triggered it.

Normally, the car regularly slows down from being pulled out of a car parking zone or stops abruptly in the course of busy site visitors. At different occasions, all the instrument panel lights up earlier than lack of energy happens. Both state of affairs nonetheless doesn’t give drivers sufficient time to tug over to the median.

If something, the closest factor one can get to a set sample or indicator is that the issue happens whereas driving for no less than 45 minutes at speeds of 65-75 mph (105-121 km/h). However as a result of it’s nearly unattainable for the producer to duplicate the problem, it can’t attain a everlasting decision. The identical could be stated concerning the extent of your seller’s help.

2. Transmission Noises (Failure Mileage: 24,000 – 160,000 Miles)

Noise – roaring, whistling, gurgling, or whining – is the 2nd most reported challenge throughout all Jeep Patriot automobiles, in line with CarProblems.com. Transmission noises are fairly troublesome, to not point out tough to nail down by yourself because of the number of its potential causes. As of late, the positioning obtained a complete of 29 complaints affecting 2008 to 2017 manufacturing fashions.

Figuring out the supply of transmission noises can go many routes, however there are a number of issues one can examine that can make pinpointing the wrongdoer loads simpler. Often, occurrences of transmission noise when a automotive is in reverse point out a clogged transmission fluid line which will worsen if not addressed instantly.

However, fixed whining when in gear signifies an issue along with your torque converter, which requires speedy skilled consideration. Transmission noises sometimes change into extra obvious when driving uphill, however these high-pitched noises may also happen on the freeway throughout a scorching day.

Aside from the circumstances when these noises occur, pay thoughts to adjustments in acceleration or pace of your car. Those that have skilled the problem discover both a drastic drop in RPMs regardless of burying the accelerator into the ground or little to no distinction in pace alongside loud whining noises.

On uncommon events, some drivers have reported a gurgling sound relatively than the same old whine or roar. Must you encounter the identical, examine that your transmission fluid degree is as much as spec, as extraordinarily low fluid ranges could cause extreme injury to your transmission.

3. Overheating (Failure Mileage: 30,000 – 116,900 Miles)

Like the primary merchandise on this checklist, transmission overheating happens throughout lengthy street journeys at speeds of 65-75 mph (105-121 km/h). It’s typically accompanied by whining noises and a car’s gradual incapacity to speed up. An early indication of transmission failure is just not one thing to dismiss as a “fluke on the code,” as this will trigger issues on the street.

When the transmission overheats, the car reduces pace independently whereas RPMs improve, even with the accelerator pedal engaged. Performing preliminary troubleshooting steps utilizing an OBDII scanner like Innova 5100 Pro CarScan Code Reader (view on Amazon) normally obtains failure codes P0777 or P0741. These codes ought to immediate you to examine in case your transmission fluid is soiled or too low, in addition to visually examine the road stress solenoid ‘B’ valve harness, torque converter clutch solenoid valve, and associated connectors. If these parts take a look at, proceed with a transmission flush.

2012 Silver Jeep Patriot

Realizing that this drawback exists in your automotive could be tough because the engine temperature gauge doesn’t all the time point out overheating. There may be additionally the misperception that it solely occurs to cars ridden in Arizona climate. Whereas it’s true that places with hotter climates render the car extra prone to shutting, transmission overheating pays respect to neither climate nor driving situations. It may occur to anybody who has a 2008 Jeep Patriot transmission or owns any car’s mannequin yr.

4. Stalling (Failure Mileage: 12,000 – 150,000 Miles)

The commonest suggestions from Jeep Patriot house owners is that their automobiles appear to stall proper after refueling. This factors to the gas system and sensor points as their principal drawback sources. Nonetheless, some have reportedly skilled stalling after urgent the brakes. These incidents additionally appear to extend in frequency through the wet season and sometimes go along with an illuminated Verify Engine Gentle.

Most drivers discover it irritating that neither sellers nor the producer can determine the true reason for the problem. This causes many to lose belief and select to not report these failures.

Up till now, there isn’t any single method to stop the prevalence of stalling. Changing each decrease management arms containing the ball joints, swapping all 4 tires to keep away from irregular put on and tear, or doing periodic wheel alignment doesn’t appear to do the job. Fixing leaks within the brake booster or breakage within the vacuum hose addresses stalling when hitting the brakes. Nonetheless, the problem may nonetheless happen in a different way.

Stalling points ought to by no means be confused with lack of acceleration energy regardless of seemingly being comparable. With the latter, excessive ability in driving with a little bit of technique can nonetheless get you to security because the automotive continues to be transferring (though very slowly). Stalling poses a better threat to a driver trying to cross lanes or caught in the course of a busy freeway. As a result of the car can simply abruptly die wherever, it generally beats even one’s composure.

5. Shuddering/Shakiness (Failure Mileage: 42,000 – 96,000 Miles)

Violent shaking is one other main criticism, which might both be standalone or a complication stemming from overheating or stalling. It’s accompanied by unusually excessive RPMs when the car hits 20 mph and an occasional helicopter-like sound coming from the automotive’s rear. Violent shaking has no particular triggers. Nonetheless, shuddering or lagging happens extra regularly throughout stops when the Jeep Patriot is making an attempt to speed up or when it has been on the street for a substantial period of time.

Given a couple of minutes of relaxation, the car sometimes goes again to being operational and drives as if nothing mistaken had occurred. Nonetheless, what’s pesky concerning the challenge is how quickly it recurs, no matter whether or not there have been makes an attempt to repair it or not.

It doesn’t make sense for a lot of Patriot house owners that this predicament occurs at such low speeds that may usually be inadequate to trigger any shuddering. Typically, it additionally feels just like the transmission is slipping, inflicting most drivers to get telltale indicators all combined up.

There are a number of resolutions from sellers and native mechanics – changing the throttle physique, sway bar, rear decrease management arm, and ABS/stability management sensor, to call a couple of. Some even advise putting in an exhaust spring bolt package. Nonetheless, most of those develop into aimless bullets.

Updating the Patriot’s ECM/PCM/ECU or changing the inventory copper spark plug with iridium appears to alleviate the issue to some extent. However sadly, the producer has but to resolve what causes shuddering as an alternative of diagnosing it as a basic transmission failure with no clear, everlasting repair.

6. Grinding Sounds (Failure Mileage: 152,000 Miles)

Extra frequent in Jeep Patriot handbook transmissions than computerized ones, grinding noises typically happen throughout acceleration, when braking, or whereas idling and could be disconcerting if skilled for a very long time.

When not extreme, it’s dismissed as regular noise caused by the way in which the car operates. However when pronounced, it may imply severe failure of your car’s planetary gear system, resulting in important injury all through the transmission.

Drivers liken the grinding sounds to a rocks-in-blender noise that occurs extra regularly in chilly climate, prompting many to suspect the problem is strut-related, if not attributable to cylinders seizing up when the automotive leans right into a flip. Others describe it as unhealthy creaking with a rhythmic rotating sound – just like the noise made by the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System).

Whereas no true warning indicators that might completely forestall this breakdown exist, your car has particular parts the place possible causes of grinding noises stem from. They don’t seem to be as sophisticated as one would anticipate, which is why they are usually ignored.

White Jeep Patriot

8 Issues to Verify

Beneath are the eight issues you will want to examine on first earlier than selecting up the tab on a brand-new transmission (sources: Your Mechanic and MyNoisyCar.com):

  • Transmission fluid degree – Low transmission fluid ranges could cause grinding or growling sounds.
  • Transmission fluid contaminants – Buildup of high-quality particles and metallic particles in your fluid ultimately result in bizarre noises and transmission injury, making common transmission fluid change all of the extra vital.
  • Differential fluid degree – For Jeep Patriots with rear-wheel drive setup, grinding sounds may come from the rear or middle/entrance differential for fashions with an all-wheel-drive setup. Guarantee that lubrication and fluid ranges for these parts are as much as spec.
  • Energy steering fluid degree – It’s the principal space to look at in case you suspect that grinding hyperlinks to your car’s hydraulic system.
  • Bearings – Untimely put on on bearings could cause grinding noises that particularly occur throughout cornering at low speeds. 
  • Fissured or broken gear – If grinding noises stay constant even with gear adjustments, then a damaged or chipped last drive gear is probably the wrongdoer and would have to be reconditioned or changed.
  • Steering pump – A drained steering pump, like worn bearings, results in impaired efficiency of your car’s steering belt and leads to grinding or squeaking sounds when utilizing energy steering.
  • Faulty synchronizer – Synchronizers make an enormous distinction within the smoothness of shifting. When worn out, they not solely give the sensation of tough shifting but additionally produce grinding noises.

Prioritize Inspection

Inspecting this stuff first will prevent half the difficulty when narrowing down the issue supply for the noise. It is usually probably that certainly one of these steps can resolve the problem. But when the prevalence of the grinding noise is extra remoted – as an illustration, it solely occurs when hitting the brakes – then prioritizing inspection of the brake pads and rotors will make extra sense.

You might be stunned to search out blockage embedded within the brakes or uncover that you just solely must get high-quality brake pads to make the grinding noise go away.

7. Transmission Gear Slippage (Failure Mileage: 58,000 – 123,000 Miles)

The Patriot’s CVT transmission can act up in a number of methods, together with:

  • Leaping out of drugs
  • Delays/stuttering when shifting
  • Having hassle going into gear
  • Independently shifting from handbook to computerized or from 4th gear to impartial
  • Getting caught in reverse

Likewise, it’s possible you’ll really feel the V-belt momentarily slipping whereas driving or when on slick surfaces. These incidents have reportedly occurred 50-60% of the time with out warning. Extra so, they started manifesting in as early as 2007 Jeep Patriot transmissions. Ultimately, the producer found out the CVT was flawed and changed it altogether in 2014.

Signs for CVT slippage – equivalent to higher-than-usual RPMs and stalling – are likely to overlap with transmission noises. These, in my view, can get complicated in case you come from a traditional, computerized 5-speed and are unaccustomed to the high-revving nature of a CVT transmission.

However this isn’t to say that you must dismiss any feeling of slippage as simply that. In any case, a CVT will warrant alternative within the occasion of an issue, in contrast to conventional transmissions. Even in additional remoted conditions, you should still want to interchange your gear shift meeting.

What to Verify

If you discover your gas mileage reducing or every other early signal of your transmission slipping, it’s advisable to start out wanting into your transmission fluid and its well being. Get a colour chart for reference, and ensure it’s the proper of fluid. Look at if transmission bands want adjustment or if solenoids want alternative.

For secondhand Jeep Patriot house owners, examine the situation of the transmission gears and torque converter, as they trigger shifts to get rougher and RPMs to go increased when worn out.

Naturally, it’s advisable to contain an expert or your native seller ought to the discord between your revs and acceleration change into too frequent. The one draw back to that is the service supervisor’s apparent fact – that’s how the Jeep Patriot ought to carry out.

To save lots of your self the effort of listening to this assertion unnecessarily, it could be price altering your transmission fluid, cleansing your filter, and shopping for a Jeep Patriot CVT transmission rebuild package first. It might additionally assist in case you can take a look at another person’s Jeep Patriot for comparability.

Black Jeep Patriot

Different Jeep Patriot Powertrain Points

Though this checklist covers essentially the most reported set of issues with the Jeep Patriot, it’s non-exhaustive. Different car points are as equally troublesome because the gadgets above. Listed below are a few of them:

  • Fractured transmission fill tube (normally a fault from the emissions facility)
  • Loud clunking noise (attributable to corrosion within the sub-frame and management arms linked to the engine and powertrain)
  • Burning scent from beneath the hood as a consequence of oil leaks or burnt plastics
  • Scorching water coming from clogged A/C drain tube, inflicting waterlogging and transmission module failure

Many of the issues Jeep Patriot automobiles have are in its 4WD system referred to as Freedom Drive, which connects to a Jatco-built CVT. Because the 2007 manufacturing mannequin, this transmission has confirmed to have an unlucky proclivity to failure. What makes this worse is that the transmission isn’t serviceable, which implies an expenditure amounting to $5,000 for the clueless car proprietor. A less expensive various could be a rebuilt transmission. However even that possibility prices between $800 and $3,400 (sans labor and different extraneous charges).

Conclusion – Jeep Patriot Transmission Issues

In closing, listed here are the 7 commonest Jeep Patriot transmission issues:

  1. Lack of acceleration energy
  2. Transmission noises
  3. Overheating
  4. Stalling
  5. Shuddering/Shakiness
  6. Grinding sounds
  7. Transmission gear slippage

Although it’s tough to keep away from these points solely, there are issues you are able to do to make sure they don’t prematurely manifest in your car. Preventive measures embody sustaining up-to-spec fluid ranges, correct use of engine braking, staying inside manufacturer-recommended towing capability when hauling, and common inspection of the transmission and its supporting parts – amongst different issues. These practices, together with the data on this information, ought to assist maintain your Jeep Patriot transmission acting at its finest properly past its supposed 60,000-mile restrict.

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